Teen Facials Are the Latest Trend in Acne Treatment

It is estimated that well over six hundred million people in the world are affected by acne, which would actually make it the 8th most common disease in the world. Although both children and adults can suffer from acne breakouts, it is most commonly associated with puberty. If left untreated, people can continue having trouble with it well into their forties. Everyone who has ever suffered from it will tell you that it is far from pleasant, so it’s always good to seek an acne treatment in order to alleviate its effects.

Treating Acne

No one likes acne, and most people try to get rid of it as soon as possible due to its inconvenience, its unpleasant appearance, and its seeming permanence. There is a large demand for cures and solutions to acne breakouts, which has led to a variety of acne treatment options available. These options vary in cost and effectiveness, but they are all attractive processes to those who know just how affecting acne can be.

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Aggressive initial treatments with antibiotics are often preferred by professionals in order to tackle the problem early on and prevent it from growing beyond control. These can be either topical or oral in their application, and the treatment itself can be systemic and indefinite. Antibiotics attack the microbes that cause acne, but their increased use worldwide has rendered them less effective due to an increased frequency in antibiotic-resistant acne. Still, orally-administered antibiotics are still generally considered to be effective in short-term treatments of no more than three months.

Thorough and Regular Skin Cleaning

It is definitely important to keep acne in check by maintaining a good skincare routine. This means that you should clean and wash your face with disciplined recurrence. Mind you, this does not entail washing your face with your soap, nor does it mean that you should just splash some cold water on your face before going to bed. You should find a skincare product, particularly one for sensitive, acne-prone skin, that will clean your face and get rid of the microbes that cause acne while also not creating more acne to deal with.

Teen Facial

At Beauty Factory Beverly Hills, we have developed our very own way to treat acne in teenagers. Our teen facials, designed for those between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, are meant to target the specific kind of breakouts characteristic to puberty. This process consists of analyzing the patient’s skin, deeply cleansing it, and following it with gentle extraction through microdermabrasion. Afterward, a healing mask will be implemented in order to reduce any inflammation, rehydrate any dry or flaky skin, and eliminate remaining oily particles.

Best Acne Treatment Available

We take pride in having developed one of the best acne treatments for teenagers available today. Our team understands how troubling acne can be for teenagers’ self-esteem, so we wanted to make sure that we could come up with a process that took care of that in an effective and lasting way. If you are interested in making use of such an acne treatment, give us a call at (805) 217-7770 and book your appointment today!