Collagenizing: What It Is, and How It Helps

Collagenizing may not be the easiest word to say or spell. However, this procedure can help your skin to look so much younger. In turn, that will make you feel that much younger, boosting your confidence beyond what you may think is possible. This safe, effective procedure is just one of the ways that we have at the Beauty Factory Beverly Hills to let you take control of your look so that you look exactly how you want. 

Collagenizing Treatment in Beverly Hills Explained 

As we age, our bodies lose collagen. That’s a major part of why wrinkles appear, making our skin look older or even like we’re lacking in energy. Collagen is one of those things you can’t really replace on your own. It’s not like you can suddenly eat a “collagen-rich diet” or go on a “collagen workout” or something like that. Once it’s gone, you need to get it from somewhere else to bring it back, to straighten out those wrinkles and restore that youthful glow. This procedure is one of the most technologically-advanced ways to do exactly that. 

collagenizing treatment in beverly hills

How it Works 

The procedure is actually simpler than the word “collagenizing” might otherwise imply. When you come to the Beauty Factory Beverly Hills, we’ll make sure you’re fully comfortable, then we’ll apply the D-More Collagen Serum. This isn’t just any collagen serum. It’s an FDA-approved serum that’s pharmacological grade. That means that it’s far, far more potent and effective than any other kind of collagen that you could buy elsewhere. In fact, it actually has the highest amount of bovine collagen anywhere on the market, which is perhaps the best, most efficient collagen there is. We apply that expertly to your skin, right where you need it. That, however, is only the beginning. 

Maximum Effectiveness, Minimum Side Effects 

We don’t just apply this topical serum to your body and then send you on your way. Then, we make sure that the water channels on the surface of your skin open, so that the collagen can penetrate that much deeper. Additionally, this will allow the collagen to get to work quicker, too, allowing you to see faster results than you might expect. To do this, we use what’s called “DEP Therapy.” That means we deliver collagen to the skin through incredibly tiny electrical currents. Obviously, it’s natural to be a bit reticent when you read the words “to the skin through incredibly tiny electrical currents.” However, this procedure is safe and utterly painless. Better still, you won’t have any downtime afterward. 

More than Just a Collagenizing Treatment in Beverly Hills  

To make sure that you get as much from this treatment as possible, we include a mini facial, neck treatment as well as microdermabrasion in this treatment, too. We always recommend that folks contact us to talk over their beauty goals. That way, we can direct you to the treatment that’s right for you. To talk to one of our experts, message us through our site or call (805) 217-7770.